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Friday, February 17, 2006

Wonderful Week

Hello friends and family,

I hope you're enjoying this wonderful week. I certainly am. There's just something about the holiday of Valentine's Day that brings forth people's love and kindness. Even if you don't have a special "love interest," there are so many to love around us, that we smile more and pass around sweets and thoughtful cards. Of course, just thinking of God's love for us makes me smile. Dave's prayer request at our Sunday evening home Bible study was for God to give me a nausea-free, pain-free day for Valentine's Day. And you know, I woke up Tuesday morning, feeling very good. I felt so good that I actually was up to eating breakfast at one of our favorite "hole in the wall" types of places here in town, The American Host. I ate a delicious pancake, and Dave managed to put away most of a meal from the "special of the day" board.

The really nice thing is that I've continued feeling better all week. I'm careful to rest up throughout the day, in the midst of the feel-good times, so that my body doesn't over-do and get me in trouble. Dave gave me gift certificates to have some pampering, so I had a pedicure/manicure yesterday. It felt so good to have my hands and feet pampered, and the chairs I sat in were quite comfortable.

Tomorrow, Dr. Lossing and his wife will head out for the Scripps Convention in San Diego, hopefully, to bring back the promise of new drugs to treat all his patients with, but especially, I pray he finds one for me! In the mean time, we wait upon the pain to subside, and tummy to completely heal, so that I can resume some chemo regimen. God knows the perfect time and hour for me to be well. I saw him today, and he seemed reasonably pleased that my pain and nausea are better under control. He also gave me a lab slip to have some blood drawn to check on my Her2Neu status. One of the tests I had run on my tumors after my mastectomy was to check for the presence of a certain oncogene that over expresses itself. For women who have this, there is a wonder-drug available that's doing awesome things to halt the growth of the cancer. Now, they're finding that you can find this over expression through a serum blood test as well. So...since I have new cancer since my mastectomy (all the mets...to the lungs, lymph nodes, etc), there's a remote possibility that I may be tested positive. So there's a prayer request or two for you, if you will, please.

Chris is completing his week working for Celite as a Computer Help Desk guy, and he's enjoyed this very much. I think doing temp work for Excel might expose him to many different work environments, and perhaps put feelers out for more permanent employment down the road. He seems to be fairly calm knowing he's closer to me. He's helping out quite a bit around here, too. March 2nd, he can sign up for some 8-week classes at Hancock to count toward his general education requirements at Cal Poly when he returns in the fall.

Jen has still been quite sick from the asthma and bronchitis, so Dr. Blifeld sent her to Lompoc Hospital for a chest x-ray today. I haven't heard of the results, yet, though. EJ will be going back to Pasadena on Monday. He tried to leave yesterday, but the transportation bus had their wheelchair lift break while EJ was on it. So he was thankful to find the hotel room still available for a few more nights.

Dave has really poured himself into his new title as Relay For Life Online Chair. I knew this would be right up his alley, since it involves donating through the Internet. I had great success with my fundraising last year, using the Relay online. Since I'm not well enough to be a team captain this year, I'm considering joining an existing team just to aid with the fundraising. Walking for an hour around the track isn't something this body could do at this moment. But it's such a worthy cause, that I want to support it in some way.

Have a wonderful weekend, and as always, thank you for standing strong beside me, as we fight this battle to win! This is my parents' weekend to visit Lompoc, so please keep them in your prayers tomorrow as they drive down from Sonora.


May I be a blessing to you in each word I write today.
The past is history, the future is a mystery, but the present is a gift! Enjoy today.